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Does the thought of taking on a construction project seem overwhelming?  Who is going to help with all of those interior decisions that need to be made - and make things not only function correctly but beautiful as well? Today I interview Interior Designer Ann Ludwig Allied Member ASID. Her company, All Design Group, is located in the Western Wisconsin, in the east Twin Cities metro.  Here are some of the things we discuss:

-What is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?
-How do people find the right Interior Designer?
-How do you work - what is the process?
-Is the approach different for remodeling projects versus new construction?
-What trends are you seeing today?

Ann's website is www.alldesigngroup.net
Check out my site at www.mhuberarchitects.com

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Today we speak with Tom and learn about the icing on the cake for every project - the finish carpentry.  This work is instrumental in determining the character and feel for every project.  Some of the items discussed include:

- The role of the finish carpenter in context with the overall project
- The types of work included
- Integration into the design or who comes up with the design
- Tools and equipment
- Favorite woods and projects

Visit Tom at www.carlsgaardcarpentry.com

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Winter is coming!  For us that means a season of heating, energy usage and bills!  We speak with Mike from Anderson Heating who helps us understand things we can do ourselves and when to bring in an expert.  Some of the topics covered include:

-What do we need to do to our mechanical systems to prepare for winter?
-What are the different types of systems and their efficiencies?
-How do you begin to evaluate a mechanical system for a new project?
-How do energy codes affect your mechanical strategies?
-What types of rebate programs are out there?

You can contact Anderson Heating at 715-549-6297 if you have more questions and please visit our website at www.mhuberarchitects.com
It had been a while since my last video discussion with Scott Glowe of St Croix Insulation.  We are specifying more and more spray foam insulation in our projects and thought it would be great to have a conversation with Scott about the product.  Some off the things we discuss are:

-What is spray foam insulation?
-How does it compare to other types of insulation?
-How is it applied and in what applications?
-What are the costs and benefits of spray foam insulation?

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I thought it would be fun to sit down with a fellow architect and have a general conversation on architecture.  John Kalmon AIA LEED AP  is a friend of mine and has an office in the St Croix River Valley.  Some of the things we discuss are:

-What is your process of working with Client's?

-How do you charge for services?

-Differences in remodeling versus new construction.

-Thoughts on sustainable design.

For more information visit www.mhuberarchitects.com

Feel free to contact John through his website or via email at John@JPKalmon.com

Today we speak with Mike Langer from Langer Construction about the mysterious gas 'Radon'. A few questions discussed include:

-What is Radon gas and where does it come from? -How does Radon get into our homes and what are the health risks? -What are a few misconceptions? -How do you test for Radon and what do the various levels mean? -What are the options for removing the gas from your home?

Feel free to contact Mike Langer at 651-261-1830 Dave Langer at 612-987-1878 or email Dave at langer427@gmail.com

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See www.mhuberarchitects.com for more information.

Today we speak with Chris Matson from Environmental Landscape Management, Inc.  A few questions discussed include:

-What is your approach and philosophy to landscape design?

-Walk me through the process of working on a landscape project.

-Are you seeing trends to a more 'natural' landscape vs traditional or formal?

-How do you integrate the design/plant selections with the site and architecture?

For more information visit www.mhuberarchitects.com

Today we speak with Tom Graf, founder of Concrete Arts.  Tom is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about concrete.  His company is on the innovative edge with chemistry, finishes and the basic limits of concrete. A few questions discussed include:

-What is the history of concrete?

-What ways is concrete being used today?

-What types if finishes and sealers are available?

-Explain the sustainability of concrete.

For more information visit www.mhuberarchitects.com

Today we speak with Bill Gautsche III of Pella Windows and Doors.   Bill guides us in understanding what is important when selecting windows for your project. A few questions discussed include:

-What are the basic components that make up a quality window? -What are the different types of windows? -Clarify the difference of R-value versus U-value. -What options are there for glass and what is important to be aware of? -How are windows installed? New construction versus replacing existing units. -What future technologies do you see related to windows?

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Today we speak with EcoDEEP's Kevin Flynn AIA LEED AP about LEED. This is an internationally recognized green building certification program. A few questions discussed include: -What is the basic philosophy behind LEED? -Are there different classifications depending on the building type? -What are the categories within LEED and how does the point system work? -What do people need to be aware of when looking into doing a LEED project? -Basic steps to become certified -costs/paybacks? -What do you see for the future in terms of LEED -building codes, etc.?

For more information visit www.mhuberarchitects.com

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