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Today we speak with a AIA Minnesota's Communication Director Jennifer Gilhoi about 'What is the American Institute of Architects?'. A few questions discussed include: -What is the American Institute of Architects? -How does the National/State/Chapter arrangement work? -Why (and who) should think about becoming a member? -What are the benefits and opportunities? -What sort of Public Outreach or Community Interaction does the AIA get involved with and encourage? -Is there information or resources the organization provides to the general public for those interested in working with an Architect or for just learning about architecture?

AIA Minnesota web: www.aia-mn.org Architecture Minnesota Magazine web: www.architecturemn.com AIA National web: www.aia.org

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Today we speak with a Real Estate Consultant Kris Jensen about what you need to know in searching for that perfect piece of property to build your new home or cabin. Kris is an Agent with Keller Williams Premier Realty. A few questions discussed include: -What are the first/main things people need to be aware of when beginning the property search? -What questions do you ask clients to get a better understanding of their goals? -How do you present options? -What information do you gather about a property to make sure it is a good fit/value? -What typical costs are there associated with purchasing property?

Feel free to contact Kris via email at kjensen@kw.com or phone 651-491-3030 Web: www.kjensen.com

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Most people have heard the term 'Rain Gardens' but don't really understand what they are and what they do... Today we speak with a leading expert in water resource management, Civil Engineer Kurt Luethold from Barr Engineering. Kurt and I have worked together on several projects in the past few years including the new offices for the Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (beginning construction this spring) among others. A few questions discussed include:

-What is a 'Rain Garden'? -Describe the Rain Garden system -both large scale and small scale. -How do you determine the size, configuration, plantings, etc.? -How would a person get started in making a rain garden? -With all the available water in our area, why is a rain garden important? -We also touch on pervious pavers, rain barrels and other options for water management.

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In this AudioPost we speak with Jay Wiederholt, President of Passive House Alliance Minnesota. Jay and I met at a lecture discussing the philosophy and implementation of Passive House design. I was excited to sit down and ask a few general questions explaining Passive House. Some questions included:

-Summarize 'What is Passive House?'

-How/where did this idea start?

-Explain a few specifics that are critical to the philosophy.

-What things do people need to be aware of if they are interested in this type of project?

-Is there special training or documentation needed to have an 'official' Passive House?

-Always the tough question of costs and paybacks.

-How is this different from LEED?

For more information see Passive House Institute United States, Passive House Institute, National Advocacy Group and the International Advocacy Group.


In this Audiopost, we speak with General Contractor Jay Cates of Cates Fine Homes. I have worked with Jay on several projects in the Twin City area and thought it would be a great idea to have him discuss the building process. Some of the topics include:

-What is a General Contractor? -What steps or questions should people take or ask when looking to hire a Contractor? -When is the best time to get the contractor involved in a project? -What are the costs associated with hiring a contractor as well as any other project costs? -Briefly walk us through a construction project from beginning to end. -Any differences between new construction and a remodeling? -What if the Owner wants to complete some of the work themselves?

You can reach Jay with additional questions at Phone: (651)-439-2844 or Email: jay@catesfinehomes.com


In this Audiopost, we speak with Insurance Agent Branden McDonald about what you need to know when starting a construction project.


We speak with Mike Anderson of Anderson Heating and learn the basics on geothermal heating and cooling.


Interview with Residential Loan Officer Jason Stoll of Associated Bank. What you need to know relating to construction loans.


Have to start somewhere!  This is a quick audio post to get my feet wet in the podcast world.  Meaningful, insightful and witty commentary will follow in future episodes as we discuss Design and Architecture... or we will at least be able to enjoy the theme music.


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